digging in the dirt

Today I finished mulching the strawberry & asparagus bed. The garden is coming along and I was thinking tonight how good it is to be digging in the dirt again. It rained this afternoon so I had to quit and come inside. It’s good for the peas I planted a few days ago. I’ve planted 3 types of peas: snow peas, alaska peas and english peas. I have to build something in the beds for them to climb on. In the past I’ve used river cane poles tied together but I’m thinking of trying some wire fencing this year.

I’m watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and she’s talking about the “Tea Bag Protests.” Looks like some Ron Paul folks are getting on board but mostly it’s supported by right wing billionaires and covered heavily by FOX news. Dick Army is behind it too. They seem to have ignored Obama’s middle class tax CUTS. weird.
Speaking of taxes…time to mail them off kids. Am I going to see you on the local news at 11:55p 4/15?

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