Family Time

Our daughter Jennifer came home from college and we enjoyed an easter brunch downtown. I ate way too much but it was really good. She’s about a half a year from graduating and her excitement about the future is infectious. So many dreams & and ambitions…so much talent. She’s getting some good advise from teachers and students ahead of her already venturing out. She wants to act and getting enough experience under her belt to get an equity card is her first goal. She seems happy and in her element these days. It makes us feel good to know she’s doing ok and pursuing her dreams.

I worked in the garden for a few hours when we got home. Planted some snow peas and english peas. Cleaned out between some of the raised beds and put newspaper and mulch down. Trying to keep the summer weeds from taking over. as things start coming up i’ll surround them with straw which will help some too. still have to weed but not as much. more work now for less work later…


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