Natalie’s new doo

Could it be that Natalie Maines of The Dixie Chicks has discovered her inner self? She’s been through a lot and stood up for what she believed. Maybe she has evolved into her true self as a result and made some outer changes to match the inner ones. the transformation is so amazing.




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7 responses to “Natalie’s new doo

  1. peaceseeker

    Some of Natalie’s critics are now saying that her new hair cut is a way of revealing possible gayness. Frankly, I am puzzled as to how short hair reflects this in any way. It was the more popular style in the 1920s and is likely making a comeback nowadays.

    Natalie looked prettier with the longer hair style as shown above. But the new cut reflects stylism and individuality. It shows more personality, direction, determination, and expression. And this is the way artists are. Therefore, it reveals her artistry, not lifestyle. As a fan of the Chicks and of Natalie, I approve of her hair style as it tells us of her inner rather than outer beauty.

  2. Frank

    I think that she looks good, and uno what she is cool so she can do what ever she wants. Again she has the individual kindof personality that i admire, GO natalie! and just because she stood up for bush and is in an all girl band and is ok with gays, does not mean she is a lesbian, and i would still love her even if she was a lesbian.

  3. peaceseeker

    check out this recent feature of celebrities without makeup:

    A survey was included which showed that the vast majority of its readers indicated they preferred natural fotos rather than the fake photoshopped pics. Also, note how the commentators said they prefer photos of women who are NOT wearing makeup. Interestingly, most of those who say they do not like makeup are men!

    I agree with them 100%.

    Instead of actresses and other female entertainers wearing makeup, open toed spike heels, jewelry, and cleavage shots, let’s have the natural look, instead. Photos of these women without makeup, wearing flats, no jewelry, fully covered are far preferable and present women more beautifully.

    I wrote above that Natalie’s recent photo makes reveals inner beauty as opposed to outer beauty. I would venture to say that photos of other female entertainers would reveal the same. Women should not be afraid of cutting their hair. Nor should they feel obligated to wear makeup in the hope that it would make them more attractive or appealing. The natural look is far more preferable. Certainly, most men feel that way.

    Let’s hope that Natalie has started a trend. Women will feel FAR more beautiful for appearing that way. And men will love and appreciate women far more for the same reason.

  4. peaceseeker

    Recent photos of Natalie with the short hair cut:

    Note how she wears very little adornments on her face. Her smile alone is enough to reveal her true beauty. That’s all that any woman needs to be considered beautiful. I honestly feel she is more beautiful today than ever.

  5. Hey darling, great site! I really like this article.. I was curious about this for a while now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

  6. steve8714

    Natalie looks beautiful to all the hemp and Birkenstock wearing, murse carrying men in America.
    To Nat, it’s all about her; this is the ugliest side of American womanhood.

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