Movie Making at Avalon Farms

An independent short film was shot today at the farm. (More details later where & when it will be shown)
My job was “animal handler” with our 22 year old Spanish Mustang “Canyon.” He did great for a long day of standing around waiting for his scenes. His close-up includes his Parelli halter and lead. I have some other pictures of him during the filming but have to wait till tomorrow…I’m beat…”that’s a wrap!”

Here’s Canyon waiting for the next take

The film is done (shooting at least) Parelli training helped keeping Canyon in position. He knows the backup cue for the yo-yo game and i was kneeling behind the big tractor tire out of the shot. Most of the time I was able to wag my finger from 5′ away and he backed into position for the camera. Very cool…

Later still…
Max Butler just posted photos of the set at the farm over the weekend. He Directed & Produced the Short Film called WINTER TREADS. Here’s the link to the photos on my facebook page.


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