Nominate your favorite Lesbian Land!

This email came from Jae at Maize Magazine. This a great magazine about land dykes in case you haven’t seen it…Send your nominations (favorite lesbian owned land spots) for their next issue to:

Hi all this beauteous morn–

Lesbian National Treasures. Big smiles, doesn’t that have a ring to it.

Our own inimitable Rainbow has come up with a marvelous suggestion. Let’s start celebrating Lesbians who have made significant contributions to our Lesbian and Landyke world and cultures.

Ah ha, yes indeedy, fits right into the Celebrate! feature in Maize. In fact, that is what Celebrate! is all about, more smiles.

jody expands on this marvelous idea suggesting we also celebrate the spaces, places and projects that make such a difference in our lives. Yes I say!

So with the coming Spring Maize we will start our Lesbian National Treasures feature. We will prioritize lands and Landykes and other aMaizing wimmin. We will also recognize Lesbians in our extended Lesbian world who touch and make a difference in our lives

Just makes this heart of mine sing.

So, I encourage you to take a moment now or when you can to send me the names of Lesbians or projects or places that you would like Celebrated. I’d like to include a brief description of why you would like to celebrate them. Photos always welcome.

Really helpful if you can get these Treasures and any On the Land updates or other materials to me by March 1. How is that for a not so subtle call for submissions. A final smile.

Love and appreciation,

Woman, Earth and Spirit, Inc ~ Administrator
Maize Magazine ~ Editor
includes links to all Projects
This is communication space for the AMaizing wimmin of Maize Magazine. To post a comment, question, or announcement, send email to


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  1. Joy D. Griffith

    Do you have a sample of your mag.?

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