Evening in the Desert


After deciding that we had given enough money to the casinos on the strip we went to the older downtown area of Las Vegas to try our luck. Freemont Street is really cool with a video show above your heads every 15 minutes or so. There’s huge speakers blasting music and even some live entertainment between The Horseshoe, The Golden Nugget and The 4 Queens casinos. Some say the odds are better there because they don’t have the expenses of the touristy strip. Fancy Smancy, houty touty and all. We didn’t find that to be true as they took all our money there as well.

Now this is cool. It’s the Tank at the Golden Nugget. The pool is heated with chairs submerged in the water facing the shark aquarium. The bar is right next to it. Inside the shark tank is the slide for the pool. It’s clear plexiglass so the sharks are swimming all around you as you hurl your body down the slide. I didn’t see anyone using it so I don’t know how fast you zoom by jaws but it would be great if you could stop and hang out there a bit and watch them.

Emily and I taking in the sites.


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