Avalon Farmblog goes to CES… Lesbian Geeks Unite!

Dear friends & listeners,
Your friendly lesbian geek is attending the consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas this weekend.

I will be blogging throughout and invite you to check out avalon farmblog for pictures, neat gizmos and gadgets and previews of what’s on the horizon in the latest technology. Post on the blog or email me if you want me to check out a particular product. If I can find the booth I’ll take your question right to the source. (There is 1.7 million square feet of exhibit hall space so i’ll do my best.)

Question: Do you remember your first computer? I do… it was made by texas instruments and it had no hard drive. no graphics either…just text. it used c basic. there was a cassette recorder that plugged into it and stored info on tape. My favorite game: pong
When pictures & graphics first appeared on the internet they appeared on my screen only as question marks.
Later…my first web browser was mosaic

peace & love,


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8 responses to “Avalon Farmblog goes to CES… Lesbian Geeks Unite!

  1. This was sent in from Robyn…

    My first “computer” was a Lanier Word Processer in the early 80’s. Before that, we had used a typewriter that could store a WHOLE SENTENCE. The Lanier could store an entire letter and let you edit it before you printed it…. on a HUGE dot-matrix printer that had to have a sound-proof cover over it because it was so loud.

    Robyn Kevlin

  2. This from Eric…
    Valerie — Mosaic was the first browser I ever used, too, but some of your
    readers might be able to top that. A few other browsers existed before
    Mosaic; perhaps one of your readers used one of those. See, for instance,
    the history listed at


    Eric Schechter, Vanderbilt Mathematics
    Those who do not pass the course on
    Santanaya are condemned to repeat it.

  3. Tis from ann…

    Ha! Yes I remember it was a Commodore 64, and it ran programs from a cassette player!!

    I’ve always wanted to visit Vegas, have fun!

  4. this in from mary…

    We had the same 1st computer and played the same game! But my favorite of all was my Kaypro CP/M machine. I wrote my dissertation on it and then gave it to Merril, who used it for years.
    I would love to get recommendations on Smartphones that will be used by Verizon. I have a Samsung i760, and I loathe it. Its Mobile Windows is a swamp too. But I will not EVER bite the Apple. The reviews on the new Blackberry have not been stellar.

    So what’s a girl to do? Like most aging lesbians, I’m looking for something reliable, simple to live with, uncomplicated, cute, and easy in the hand.


    “To educate a man is to unfit him to be a slave.” –Frederick Douglass

  5. I’ll see what I can find out about the smart phones mary-Val

  6. this in from cathy…

    I remember PONG!! I played it on my TV in college! My first video game.

  7. From Jon Eric…

    What are you doing out in Vegas? Do you go to alot of these conventions? I remember my 1st computer. A BIG IBM machine that ran two huge tapes. Where? 29 Palms, CA. Communications/U.S.M.C. in ’73.

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