Melissa talks Prop 8 on The View

Gay Marriage & California’s Prop 8 was the topic when The View’s conservative host Elizabeth Hasselbeck received a measured but challenging response from Melissa Ethridge regarding comments she made on an earlier show. Quoting Thomas Jefferson, Melissa reminded her (and the audience) that the rights of the minority should be protected from the majority.

I wish there was more time to talk about the issue but if snippets is what we get…it was a great snippet Melissa. You made the point well. Think back to the 1960’s…Can you imagine for one minute if instead of President Johnson signing the civil rights bill into law…they just let the people vote on it?

Melissa is right on the issue and right to go back to Jefferson to prove the point. This country’s founders knew what we might do to each other and sought ways to protect us from ourselves.


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