Share your ideas for the new administration
From: Jim Gilliam
To: Their Name
Subject: Your name asked me to invite you to join

Hey there…

My name is Jim Gilliam, Your name suggested I invite you to join White House 2, a website where U.S. citizens are coming together to tell President Obama what we need him to do in his first 100 days in office. Check out my video introduction here:

We need change, big change. Now is the time to start getting specific. Here are the top 10 priorities right now, based entirely on the ingenuity of the American people:

1. Stop the Iraq war
2. Make the U.S. a leader in green jobs and innovation
3. Kill the PATRIOT Act
4. Enact universal, single-payer healthcare
5. Energy Independence in 7 years (2016)
6. Shut down Guantanamo
7. Prosecute criminals in Bush administration
8. restore habeas corpus
9. Prosecute George W. Bush for his crimes against humanity
10. End corporate welfare
What are YOUR priorities for President Obama? Go to the website and make your own list. The homepage automatically keeps track of the most popular priorities and ranks them like the Billboard charts.

Please forward this email. The more people who join, the more clout we will have with the President and the media. Too often our national dialogue is driven by sensationalism. We cannot let the media trivialize the task at hand, or scare us away from the change we need. With a large enough network, *we* will set the national agenda and make the most of this historic opportunity for change.

Thanks for your time, I won’t bother you any more, it’s only the future of your country at stake. 🙂 You aren’t added to any email list, don’t worry about getting spammed.

Jim Gilliam
Chief of Staff, White House 2


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