Gay Marriage Bans Succeeding

While we rejoice in the promise that a new President Obama will bring, there are some of us in America who amidst the celebration have endured a punch in the gut this election night. Our quest for equality is not over and once more the people have spoken against us.

If the civil right bill had been decided by the general public it never would have passed. President Lyndon Johnson signed it. We need that same protection from our new president. I don’t know how that could happen but I believe it CAN happen…in our lifetime. Change in America has come. I hope the tide of change flows far enough for GLBT Americans too. None of us are free unless we ALL are free.-Val

here’s the story…
State amendments to ban gay marriage did well across the country with voters in Arizona and Florida approving proposals to outlaw same-sex marriage and Californians on the verge of passing such an amendment in their state.

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