Nov 4th can’t come soon enough

hang on a minute…I’m having a hot flash….

One of the good things about being a woman and being older than 50 is that you get pretty good at spotting the bullshit. There’s physical traits that people show when they are using less than “straight talk.” Women sometimes stare at you wide eyed as the offending nouns and verbs tumble from their lips. Kind of reminds me of the deer in the headlights look which can also mean total cluelessness. Not all liers are clueless though so don’t be confused. With men it’s more of a look than lid thrashing usually. They look down (or up) anyway but not toward the listener. There’s one more way to spot the lies…educate yourself. See, the B.S. expert is counting on the fact that YOU haven’t done your homework. Hence, no bologna meter!

This campaign has gone on for two years. I’m a political junkie and I’m worn out. I can’t begin to understand what my “nonpolitical” friends must feel about it all. I have to say they’ve been great to put up with my rants. This blog itself grew out of my need to vent my frustration & anger at the Bush/Cheney administration.

The secrecy and the lies coming out of Washington these past eight years have been staggering. I hardly recognize America. The next President is going to have an awful lot of undoing to do. Some things never will be undone like the 4,000+ soldiers that have died in Iraq or the unknown hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens that have perished in what has become an occupation. The millions of refugees that had to flee and live in makeshift tents or less.You can’t win an occupation. You leave an occupation and come home.

Close your eyes for a minute and remember back with me to the days right after 9/11. People were kinder to each other just passing each other on the street. Leaders from other nations said “we are ALL Americans now.” They wanted to reach out to us and help. George Bush squandered all that goodwill and invaded a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. He and his cronies are oil men. Do you think they would have gone if Iraq had turnips instead of oil? Do you know the original name for the invasion was Operation Iraqi Liberation? (O-I-L) Did you know Cheney held secret closed door meetings on energy when they first took office and invited the CEO’s of the major oil companies and Ken Lay of Enron. To this day we don’t know what went on but reports are there was a map of Iraq and they were dividing up the oil. This was BEFORE 9/11 even happened.

There are so many things…the corporations and their monopolies. The privatization of the commons. Wall Street and $700 billion of our tax dollars to bale out the banks. The outing of Valerie Plane. New Orleans. The shredding of the Constitution. Gitmo. The suspension of Habious Corpus. The Patriot Act and spying on our own citizens. Alberto Gonzalas. The vetoes and the Republican stranglehold on Congress. “Heck-of-a-job” Brownie. AND of course Haliburton.

I just want to give you a few things to mull over before you step into that voting booth Tuesday. I’ll be there but I’ve already voted early for Obama. I’ll be there with my video camera handy in case there are any problems with folks trying to exercise their right to vote. If I see anything like that I will upload it here to my blog, youtube and

Peace & love & God(dess) bless America


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