Thank you

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Obama Campaign either via the website or at last night’s fundraising farm party. It was great to see everyone and meet some new women that came. Our fundraising efforts are over $900 so far between the webpage and last night’s gathering!

Vote early as you will save a lot of headaches. Lines on November 4th are going to be really long. Also, there have been reports of voters being “purged” from the rolls. If you vote early you may have time to do something about it if it happens. DO NOT ACCEPT A PROVISIONAL BALLOT. That’s what they offer you on voter day if your name isn’t on the list. In 2004 the provisional ballots were not counted. Check out Greg Palast’s & Robert Kennedy Jr’s take on the issue.

Oh, one more thing…take someone else with you to vote. Nobody can stay home because they are too tired or don’t have a ride or have too much else to do. Make sure the people around you have a way to get to the polls.

Let’s show them what shock and awe looks like in the voting booth.

peace & love,

p.s. i’m putting together a local email list for lesbian events at the farm. if you’re not getting emails about events like this one send me your email address to:
subject line: sign me up!


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