Fall has arrived in Tennessee: update from Avalon Farms

I’m waiting for a little more color in the leaves to take some pictures but fall is here. Yesterday I saw a flock of Canada Geese flying south in formation. My hummingbird feeders lay undisturbed. Time to bring them in and wash them for next spring. The garden work consists mostly of pulling weeds and old plants, preparing the raised beds for a cover crop of “green manure.” This will be a grass cover that I will turn over in the spring. The general rule is to keep all the dirt covered…with crops, cover crops, straw, old newspaper etc.

Next big chore around the farm will be cutting firewood. We have several trees already down in the woods and a few we had cut near the house damaged in storms. More than enough to keep us busy. Most of the grass is cut but I’m waiting to see if the weather holds up for one more hay cutting in a few weeks. The barn is packed full from 3 cuttings already but we’ll try to get a 4th if we can. I think there’s enough now for the horses all winter so any more we can sell. I plan to try and trade a few round bales too for some small square bales. If it’s too cold the tractor might not start and I need it to feed the round bales. (1000lbs. each) I keep a few square bales around just in case.

Other than being up to my eyeballs in politics these days I’m also working on the hendrix documentary as much as possible. Creative juices are flowing. I found my muse…We went to see Suzanne Westenhoefer at Zanies last week. I can’t believe everything was brand new! We’ve seen her twice this year already so I figured we’d hear some of the same stuff. Nope. God she’s funny! We had a great time and brought several friends with us. The lesbians were out in Nashville-full house. Listen up lesbian artists…you can fill up a club here in Music City. When ya’all comin’?

October 6th is the deadline in Tennessee to register to vote. Go to www.canivote.org and make sure you’re registered. Don’t wait until voting day to hear “sorry you’re not on the list.” Go to that site and make sure. Tell your friends and family to check there too. It’s easy and “caging” is happening. Don’t be a disenfranchised voter.
Peace & love,


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