Barbara Streisand’s Statement on McCain’s VP pick

McCain Doesn’t Get It: Women are not that stupid.
Maybe he was sick of the lack of media attention…maybe he had enough of the late night talk show hosts poking fun at his age…maybe he realized that belonging to a party that has been associated with rich, white men was not going to connect with voters in this historical election year. Or maybe he was just ready to take back some of the spotlight that has shined so brightly on Barack Obama and the Democrats since the beginning of the Democratic convention. Desperation can motivate people to make some pretty cynical and hypocritical decisions. Whatever the reason, John McCain’s Hail Mary– in the form of Vice Presidential pick Governor Sarah Palin–sent a very clear message to America about how he views female voters. Women, he thinks, will vote another woman into office regardless of the candidate’s values, experience and political positions.
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5 responses to “Barbara Streisand’s Statement on McCain’s VP pick

  1. spalavra

    I would have never thought of it that way! But I do feel like he used her as a PR stunt. Obama is historical because he is African American, so now McCain wants to be historical by putting a woman in the office. I wish he would of thought better than to refer to us as if we don’t know politics. Instead he made himself look like a fool by choosing a woman with no idea of what she is doing!

  2. ben

    mm-hmm. go on girl! *snap*

  3. gippee

    Barbara,Barbara,Barbara…hmm, my, oh my, I grew up with you as an icon, but no matter how much I think of you, and your films,not all, but one or two, the one where you were a teacher, I think, I liked that one. I never considered myself one of the kind like you, as in women, there is more than one type of woman.Even growing up I just Loved your talents, but even then I knew you were one of “those” types of women. I didnt like that. But I never really thought much of it, other than it was really creepy.
    I really think you shouldn’t include all women in what you said, in fact I really thought you actually speaking of yourself. Not all women see McCain as coming across like you do, its just not the case. I respect you as a singer, filmmaker, and all, but you cannot speak for all women.,feminists never have, only themselves. There is a wholesome group of females you forget about. I’m one. And you hate them. I’m not perfect, but I never hated you, but I feel hated because you hate Sarah. I’m saddened that all these years, you hated me. As in what I am, one of those forgotten women. Well, were still here, and Sarah gives me hope, all of us hope.The fact you show such hate, for women like me, like Sarah,I cannot even get mad. My list grows as I mark off my list of favorite stars,-once daily, now hourly.I guess I always knew someday I’d have to.But now, all I needed was Sarah. She reminded me of so much I’d forgotten about what a true woman was/is. We’re baaaaaaack.

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