McCain blows his lid over CNN interview; stiffs Larry King

John McCain had a hissy fit over a segment where CNN host Campbell Brown took his spokesperson, Tucker Bounds, to task about his inability to cite examples of Sarah Palin’s “military command” experience. So enraged was McCain about media finally showing some backbone that he canceled an appearance on CNN’s Larry King.

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3 responses to “McCain blows his lid over CNN interview; stiffs Larry King

  1. Brian

    Why do Larry King and CNN attack Sarah Palin and John McCain so much? It is revolting!. John McCain has very good reason for refusing to be interviewed by such a Democratic air head as Larry King.

  2. First of all the whole thing had nothing to do with Larry King. They were made because Cambell Brown (another CNN anchor) asked some tough questions earlier in the day of McCain’s Campaign Manager (A Rove Protege) and didn’t let him weezle out of it…a rare thing for CNN but they (she) did it and I applaud her for acting like a journalist. Anyway, it pissed of McCain so in order to “punish” CNN for it he pulled off his scheduled interview with King. He pull a hissy but he’s running for president and the American people desirve to hear answers. This IS about the issues even if he’d like to keep it about “personalities.”

  3. sorry I didn’t send that last post through spellcheck…it’s late…

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