Day Four: Yes We Can

By Marisa Richmond

First, I have to start, once again, with one major correction & a couple of comments I neglected to make yesterday.  When I was discussing that fiery Clinton caucus meeting, I said it was Sylvia Woods who caused some consternation.  It was actually Betsy Reid of West Tennessee.  With all that has been happening here, I try to remember with whom I have been talking, and then I sit down to write at 1 am, and that name is still stuck in my mind, so I apologize for the error. Then, I forgot to mention that we made a full delegation group photo after breakfast, minus Al Gore.  And, with all of my activity, I was forced to miss the reception hosted by former House Majority Leader Kim McMillan, who is running for Governor.  I will make it up to her by attending her next TWO free receptions!

Now, today was the final day of the convention.  Since I fly back to Nashville tomorrow (actually, later today), I will hold off on full details until I am back home.  I will, however, just say that I am still winding down from the most incredible single event I have attended in the political arena.  I saw The Beatles over 40 years ago, and I was at the 1984 Olympics Soccer Final in the Rose Bowl with over 100,000 people, but tonight was an event that can truly change the world.

I hope all of you watched it live.  It was one of those moments that has to be experienced to be appreciated, and to be on the floor of Mile High Stadium, knowing the WORLD was watching, made it even more special.  Everyone here is absolutely gushing over the success of the convention, the positive tone with which we return home, and easily the most inspirational leader we have seen since the 1960s.  I don’t know if you say that at home, but the 80,000 of us who were in that stadium tonight certainly walked out ready to do our part to make this dream come true.  When I looked at that mass of humanity, waiting for someone to take charge and show them the way, and even when they were doing The Wave (which I helped invent in Oakland, California, in 1981), I realized the country was ready.  Tonight, we all saw that Barack Obama is ready.

I’m fired up and ready to go.  I hope you are ready to step up too.

I promise, I will have more of a delegate eye’s view tomorrow on my final day when I am back home.  I am just too tired, and emotionally pumped up, to discuss anything of substance right now.

Yes We Can!


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