Wed. Morning Denver Update

I just sat down at a little outdoor cafe off the 16th st. mall to read some emails & eat. There was an early glbt session that I taped for youtube. Great info for activists including how Arizona succeeded in beating back the anti-gay marriage amendment and how to frame the argument. (any of them…how to use the language to win) This is something the Republicans have mastered unfortunately.

I Ran into the Editor of the Denver gay paper afterward and interviewed him for the next podcast. Also, last night I got a great one with Elizabeth Birch former head of HRC and producer of last night’s concert with Melissa. Great video for youtube there as well. Did I tell you I have a Susan Serandon sighting backstage at Melissa’s show? Cool…

At noon today is a glbt caucus that is open to public so I’m going to head over there. Anyone remember an activist that came to Nashville and spoke several years ago at pride by the name of Donna Redwing? I was so impressed with her back then and interviewed her on that trip when I was hosting Nashville’s Gay TV. Anyway, she’s here and we’re hopefully meeting up for an interview today or tomorrow. The GLBT community is really well represented at this year’s Democratic Convention.

Last night’s speach by Hillary was awsome and they held up the concert so we could all watch it on a huge rolldown screen. 2,000+ glbt people are ready for a new direction and it seemed clear to me that many have a strong affection for the Clintons, they are ready to follow her advise and get on the Obama bandwagon. I saw 3 women outside the event carrying Hillary signs. I have gaydar and it works very well. These women where NOT gay…I’ll bet a hundred bucks they aren’t Democrats either. Republican plants trying to stop the unification of the Democratic party….ain’t gonna work.

Here’s a little ditty from Cyndi Lauper’s show:
“listen to your momma…vote for Obama…
Don’t be insane…no more McCain”

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