sunday night recap

The excitement is building all over town. I have to say the police presence is quite high. Tonight we saw several of them searching flowerpots with flashlights up and down the pedestrian mall. Tom Haden addressed this very issue tonight at the PDA welcoming event.

He said they recieved 50 million dollars from homeland security and it’s obvious they are very well equiped and staffed. Is all this really needed? Did I ever think I would see this armed presence in America? No. Such a military state we have become.

The PDA session was inspiring.

Mimi Kennedy, Jim Hightower, Tom and others covered so many of the issues we are facing.

They reminded us of the work we must ALL do to bring real change to this country. To make it a place of peace, of equality for everyone, something we can all be proud of and feel a part of.

I had some technical problems with the audio but hopefully I got enough of it to share some of the message with all of you. Patiance is appreciated as I have much editing to do before I can upload. I go home (away from home) to try.

Emily flys home in the morning. I will miss her. History is being made this week and I am honored to be a tiny grain of sand in the midst of it all. I hope you enjoy my posts. I’ll leave you with a little visual from something Tom Hayden said tonight…

Your looking at a video of Obama’s two little girls outside in the grass. The camera slowly zooms out to reveal the White House lawn. Picture that America.


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