Sitting on a bench in 16th Street Mall

Well I decided I don’t need to sleep anymore until I get back home…just kidding…I think. Today Emily and I parked the rental car and took Denver’s RTD bus into the city. Much better choice with the traffic, lack of parking and crowds. We drove past the MSNBC stage where all the shows are broadcasted from here. I’d like to go by when Keith Obberman is recording his. Maybe Rachel Maddow can stop by before her new show starts in September. That would be a treat.

Our first stop was to visit the Green Frontier Festival and talk to some people about solar powered water purification systems, a solar house on display & other alternative energy booths. I talked Emily into interviewing while I shot some stuff for youtube about it. She’s studied all of it and knows what to ask. Look for them on my youtube page soon.

We were waiting for the Mall Shuttle and I saw two lone characters walking slowly up the sidewalk with a McCain sign. To each his own I guess. I know I would fight for his right to free speech but I wonder if he would fight for mine. Maybe there lies the difference. I will say over all, the people in Denver seem very friendly and helpful.

We wondered over to the BIG TENT at 3p and picked up my credentials and a wonderful little goody bag of gifts. Thanks guys. I’m sitting at starbucks at the moment going over everything with Emily and it’s nicer stuff than any conference either of us have been to.

Press Update at the BIG TENT

Press Update at the BIG TENT

Emily ran into this guy that was selling a deck of cards with gay closeted politicians that vote against GLBT FOLKS and then get caught walking on the wild side themselves. How I hate the hypocrisy. Look for my interview about it on my you tube page in a day or so.

Tonight is a panel discussion sponsored by The Nation Magazine and Progressive Democrats of America. Here’s some info about what’s happening there all week:
“…dialogue about the future of progressive politics–in the party and nationally–will be at its most adventurous and exciting at Progressive Central in the Central Presbyterian Church located at 1660 Sherman St. in downtown Denver.

Members of Congress, delegates, alternates and activists–including Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairs Barbara Lee and Lynn Woolsey, House Judiciary Committee chair John Conyers, environmental campaigner Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Global Exchange founder Medea Benjamin and dozens of others–will speak, debate, listen, learn and plot strategies for the future of progressive politics in America. “

Please check out Marisa Richmond’s blog posts from the convention floor. She’s flying in today so she’ll be giving us an inside look at things in the Pepsi Center. Cheers from Denver everybody! What a week ahead…


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