McCain & the GOP have Poor History of Respecting Copyrights

OK my Nashville Republican Songwriting friends ponder this…

Jackson Brown has filed a law suit against John McCain & the GOP for illegal use of his material in a campaign ad. Oh and You Tube…his people had to take down a video there because Mike Myer’s Waynes World clip was kinda “borrowed” for effect…oops…
BUT he learned from the best…just ask The Boss Bruce Springteen how he liked Ronald Reagan’s use of his song Born in the U.S.A. during his campaign.

Come on guys…if this was some two bit filmmaker stealing other peoples work you’d have him or her run out of town on a rail…kicked to the curb…bumped from every party list in town. Why he wouldn’t be able to fill enough seats at the Belcourt Theater to pay to rent it for a night.

There’s a history here people. Check it out for yourself. If he can’t manage his campaign enough to have it operate within the boundaries of the law do you think he’ll do better at managing the government?



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2 responses to “McCain & the GOP have Poor History of Respecting Copyrights

  1. As a liberal, I don’t like the use of these works by the GOP and theirs candidates.

    However, also as a liberal, I think the right to “Fair Use” must be aggressively defended.

    Check out the guilds for filmmakers and user generated content at this website…

  2. Here’s another one too based on actual cases and how the judges ruled:

    it’s a sticky widget in any case
    I agree with you on the importance of protecting fair use law. I am shooting a documentary right now. We “need” to be able to use other’s work to tell the truth, to educate, to expose.

    but…i’m also a songwriter and I own copyrighted material. So I see it from both sides. We’re not talking an obscure film here. We’re talking total exposure of anything used by these candidates. The marketability of that song AFTER it is all over the airwaves with no compansation is in my opinion theft.

    The idea that I could create a song, it could be used by someone whose idiology I am totally opposed to, that it could then be totally associated to them whenever somebody hears it…that I could not earn money from it again and that I never earned a penny from them using it to begin with…if that’s true that that’s ok…tell me again what good a copyright is again?

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