Snow pictures from the farm

We had about 5″ out here at Avalon Farms last night. I thought I’d share a few pictures I took this morning.

logpile road

godwin field road

tonto and aj

This is Canyon, a registered spanish mustang…my hairy man.

Food Fight! The challenge for Alpha male the dominant herd leader is a daily thing. I have a few that are usually the top horse but the younger ones are continually seeking the spot.
food fight


feeding time

This is Sirocco and Greyson sharing the feed bowl. They are brothers and I raised both from birth. I love horsey butts 😉

Dolly (Lucy is in the background)

“Fence line” Looking down toward the lake
the point

Kevlin Creek
kevlin creek
road to johnson creek

“Waiting for Summer”




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4 responses to “Snow pictures from the farm

  1. rckevlin

    Just beautiful! Most of us will never see snow at the farm, because the roads would be difficult, so it’s nice to have that visual.

    Hey, next time, take a pic of my Big Baby for me.


  2. ok she must have had her head inside a big bale of hay. I’ll take some of her next time for you though even if it’s a “view from behind.” 😉

  3. Ann

    A Spanish Mustang – Cool! I thought they were almost extinct. All the Spanish Mustangs in the movies today are played by Quarter Horses. How sad.

  4. There are over 3,ooo in the registry and Canyon is a descentent of “Montana” Anne-Marie Pinter of California, on her gelding Montana, competed in and finished the Tevis twice, once when he was 11, once when he was 19. This is an endurance race.
    Here’s a link to the registry site that tells you all about the breed.
    It explains why Canyon can be sometimes be called “buttheaded” and seems rather independent from the rest of the herd at times.

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