Road building at the farm

I’m sure that visitors and horse boarders to the farm will be glad to hear that the road crew is hard at work today breaking up rock so the roads can be ditched and graveled. Emily and Brenda are having a great time with what we call “The Whammer Hammer.”

emily on whammer hammer

Not the technical term but what a great dyke toy!

emily closeup

Emily rented the TB125 for the weekend for the job and it works great.

full shot tb125

Brenda says she’s found her new career…

back of tb125

Hopefully the gravel trucks will arrive before the spring rains come. It is so muddy going down into the valley where the horses are that even with 4 wheel drive it’s slip slide and hope you make it. Forget it with out a 4×4. The road needs a ditch on one side and there’s a huge rock in the way. They are busy turning it into pebbles as we speak.


Maggie and Elvis came to check things out too. This is Maggie looking on.


We drank coffee this morning while Emily and Brenda were pouring over the operator’s manual before jockying the thing down off the trailer. It’s really top heavy and swings all the way around. I took a video and will post it later…
Ok it’s later and here it is…


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