Mystery illness killing off Bats

I found this article in Scientific American…90% of the Bats in caves in New york are dead. First it was the bees not the bats. This should be news but I haven’t seen it anywhere have you? Anytime members of the food chain that I’m on too start disappearing I’d like to know about it wouldn’t you? CNN hello?



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2 responses to “Mystery illness killing off Bats

  1. rckevlin

    I just forwarded it to my friend Bettina (the animal care manager at the wildlife rehab center), because she’s all about bats. She’ll know the latest for bats around here.

    And yep, bees, frogs, and now bats. Wonder when some Republican “oh, no, global warming is just an alarmist myth” is going to wake up and smell the fumes.

  2. rckevlin

    This is the link that Bat-tina ;0) sent me. It goes into more detail about the disease and its spread. They say it killed 8,000 to 11,000 bats last winter.

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