Show #49 Food, Food, Food!

Show Notes: Our grandparents knew how to grow food for themselves. They had to during World War II. Our current president in time of “war” told us to “go shopping.”
Could you feed yourself and your family if you had to? Relying on huge corporations to be our sole provider of food is risky these days. Worries about cloned beef, growth hormones, antibiotics, genetic engineering, processed meals, terrorist threats and bare shelves in an emergency fill the news these days.

Do you really know what’s on your table? There are dozens of reasons to eat & buy local. If something isn’t “in season” then you know it has been shipped in thousands of miles. One benefit of growing homegrown vegetables is taste. Factory farms can not compete with the juicy plump taste home grown organic tomatoes. Corn fed feedlot cows don’t even come close to grass feed beef. Buying local also cuts down on transportation so it helps reduce carbon in the atmosphere. Growing heirloom varieties and saving the seeds helps protect a dwindling diverse selection that we are losing to big agribusiness.

On today’s show I found a WWII government movie of how to grow a victory garden. On my blog I’ve added links to find your local organic food suppliers.

It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or the country. Your food choices make a difference. Find out what you can do to help your local farmers, your health, the environment & your own family’s food security.

Show Links:

Watch the WWII movie about Victory Gardens

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
Barbara Kingsolver

More Food Links

Music Links:
Music on the show is from the Podsafe Music Network
Deirdre Flint hangs out at the intersection where stand up and acoustic music collide. She sings about homicidal bridesmaids, the metric system and fondue. She’s been a solo performer for six years and is the bass player in The Four Bitchin’ Babes. She has a podcast called podcast fondue.

“Dinnertime Waltz”
gilly slinn
Twenty years as a support artist in various bands in the United Kingdom

“Just Tell Me You Can Cook”
Melissa Sigler
Winner of New Orleans 2001 Off Beat Magazine’s Best of the Beat Best Emerging Blues Artist Award.

Spring is almost here! Check out the choices and grow a little food this year. I guarantee when you bite into it you’ll never go back.

Peace and Love,

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