Pony for sale

I just got an email on this one. 1/4/08 If you’re interested let me know and I’ll forward your email to the owner. send inquiries to: avalonfarms@hughes.net


I was wondering if you know of anyone who might be interested in this pony.

Tater is a 10 year old 13.2 hand pinto gelding. He is well-rounded and has done a little bit of everything. He is excellent on trails and can be ridden with other horses or alone. He is unfazed by cars, airplanes (my neighbors have a landing strip next to my house), dogs, chickens, etc. and crosses creeks. I have gone trailblazing with him, gone through briar patches, and come out with vines stuck in his tail dragging behind us and he doesn’t seem to mind at all. He is not spooky and has a lot of sense.

Tater is easy to ride and responsive to all the riders aids. He does transitions from walk to canter and canter to halt and everything in-between. He also backs-up, can do turn-on the forehand, turn-on-the haunches, and leg-yields (side-passes). This extra maneuverability makes going between tight squeezes on the trail and opening gates easy. He knows verbal cues for all his transitions. For example he can go from canter to stop by just saying “whoa” without pulling on the reins at all.

Tater has just recently learned to pull a cart. I have driven him down the road and into a subdivision and its been a ton of fun. He figured out how to cross-over to make tight turns and can do 180 degree turn with the cart pivoting almost in place. Tater is a quick learner and eager to please.

Tater has been ridden both English and western. He has jumped cross-rails and small verticals. I have used him as a lesson horse and he has been great. He is smart enough to know if the rider is really riding or just a passenger and has given my students confidence to ride assertively and get a response to whatever they ask for.

I would keep him as a lesson horse, but I am leaving for Portugal (as a working student to train horses) on January 16th and am decreasing my herd.

I believe he would be great for a confident child or small adult who wants to have some fun. $1700 obo.

Please pass the word.


Emilypony for sale


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