The media is broken & there’s important news you need to know

Fear is how “they” control the masses. The messages are never ending. This is what i found just browsing through the cable news channels today. Nothing that really matters is on there. No investigative reporting of government corruption. no serious debate about issues that matter. candidate coverage is just about who’s ahead, how they laugh, (or if they’re female-how they cackle) how much they’re hair cut cost. nothing about how they plan to restore habious corpus, our civil rights, stop spying on americans, undo the expansion of the presidency, restore our standing in the world, fight global warming etc, etc, etc,
just frivolous stuff to keep you numb, in the dark while they completely transform every government agency by privatizing it. in the process they are stealing the national treasury and cashing in on all the government contracts they’ve set up for themselves and their cronies.
Meanwhile in a few weeks the head of the FCC will push through rules to further expand the corporate media by allowing more ownership by one company in a single market. (example: the same company could own the local tv station, the local newspaper and the local radio station) all your news from one company. isn’t that grand? you think you’re being kept in the dark now…just wait cuz you ain’t seen nothing’ yet. you want to find out more about that go to or

so here’s an example of today’s batch of crap to scare you shitless and keep you in the dark:
scary things in the news today…
cyber monsters…botnet virus attacking a million computers
exploding cell phones…one a month
OJ pleads not guilty
Brittany pregnant?

MEANWHILE News that the media is not covering:
1. Check out HR 1955 (house) and HR 1959 (senate) The `Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007′.
This bill has already passed the house with only 6 voting against it. The bill may “look” innocuous enough but check out the definitions at the beginning of the bill. This bill sets up the thought police. anyone the government decides is a threat they may act on regardless if the subject has actually done anything or just talked or thought about it.

2. did you know h
Harry Reid is having to hold the congress open over the holidays because if it’s closed the president can make appointments while congress is out. so harry or someone else has to come back every 3 days to bang the gavel thereby blocking bush from adding more cronies to his administration.

3. china refused port this week to 3 of our navel vessels including the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk. family members of the sailors had flown all the way to hong kong to spend thanksgiving with their loved ones but had to come home without seeing them. two of the other ships (mine sweepers) were in a severe storm when they were refused safe harbor.

4. australia just ousted another bush ali…their prime minister. that leaves 2 of bush’s “coalition of the willing” left. everyone else has been voted out by their people.

5. bush didn’t attend the peace summit he put together in annapolis. he came and gave a short introduction speech mispronouncing the names of the leaders attending and then he left. What a gracious host

6. Blackwater is being investigated for steroid use by it’s “shooters.” the name used by blackwater for it’s armed security personnel.

I could go on and on. America as we have known it is disappearing and being replaced by a corporate controlled oligarchy. It’s like the whole country is anestisized and silent. a private army (in iraq and now here at home), a controlled media, silenced protesters, civil liberties taken away. (patriot act, thought police bill) election fraud (2000, 2004 & 2006) land grabs (gulf residents not returned after katrina casinos get land instead)

wake up and call your representatives. Several great books to get you up to speed if need be. see my reading list in the library section of this blog (Val’s Reading list) listen to progressive radio & podcasts. check out a great source for tracking bills in congress


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