Randi Rhodes speach in Detroit last weekend

I wanted to embed the video here but can’t figure out how this morning…too early…not enough coffee.
Please click on the link and sit back and listen to her bring all the points together in one speach why we must start hearings and start the impeachment procedures against Cheney, Bush and anyone else in this administration that has ripped our constitution to shreds intheir quest for power, money and oil. They have tried to change our whole system so that war IS the new economy. They continue to break government everyday so they can replace it with private companies. They Torture in our name, they spy on us, they “disappear” American citizens, they attack countries that are not a threat to the U.S. and then occupy them stealing their resources. and on and on…

Randi can present the case for impeachment better than anyone I know. Listen and pass it on…

Randi Rhodes ( Air America ) Addressed The 50th Anniversary party of PEACE ACTION of Mich. nov 11 2007. Her speech ” WE BELIEVE ” was received with standing ovation after standing ovation and her thoughts are shared thru out the peace now & forever community.


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