Our little old kitty…

… Silkwood, was euthanized last week.  She was 19 years old, and had been in poor health for a while.  We had gone out of town for 3 days, and when we returned, the pet sitter reported that Silky had been peeing around the house.  That’s usually a sign of a kidney infection, so we took her in the night we got back.  They pulled some blood and urine, but told us she had lost a pound in six weeks, and she was only 6.5 lbs in the first place. 

That night, she peed on herself, so the next morning we took her in for the last time.  Her quality of life had deteriorated quite a bit.  The arthritis in her hips and back made walking very painful, even with pain meds twice a day.  She’d looked so sad lately, and we knew her time was short.

 Even knowing that she’d be happier out of her body, and that she’d come back in a new, healthy, young body, it was very hard to let her go.  Part of it was just missing her little tottering self around the house, and part of it was…

That she was the fourth cat we’ve lost in twelve months.  Little fluffy Trudie died of intestinal blockage (despite surgery) last November, after eating quite a bit of thread.  We didn’t know what the deal was until it was too late. 

Derek and Neo were killed in July by a dog, in our yard, next to the house.  Thankfully, it was a quick death, and Derek had been in poor health for quite a while.  He was ready to go.

And then Silkwood.  Seems like this year has been hard on everyone, one way or another.


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  1. kylee

    that is so sad i’m SO sorry

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