From Maize Magazine/Land Dykes list serv today…

Brenda Henson is at the Jefferson memorial hospital in Pine Bluff Arkansas. She came out of kidney failure and congestive heart failure to have a pulmonary embolism when they tried to move her out of ICU. Things are touch and go. PLEASE, Wanda wants someone to send this out to all the land dyke lists, michigan, etc…

They have treated us horribly as a gay family. We have had to fight for Wanda to simply have spousal privileges and for her to be able to see Mom’s chart. The other night she was “gone” and we said our goodbyes to her…the next morning they said her kidneys had kicked back in and she was awake….we did not know if she was “awake” for 5 minutes or what. THEY WOULD NOT LET WANDA OR I IN TO SEE HER!!!!!!!! Security got called on me and I was told to calm down as she was not alone…”Jesus was with her.”

We need all the support and energy that a family can get. My Aunts, brothers, and partners are all here. We feel like we are the “circus side show” as these PEOPLE obviously do not know how to deal with a Gay family and the fact that we are all her kids, family, though it may not be by blood. Wanda is good, in control and hasn’t slapped somebody yet. Momma BEGGED to let Wanda come and help her with bed pan problems and they refused. It has been a literal mess. NOT FAIR!!! NOT FUCKING FAIR!

Damn them! Please send love and support and please send this out to EVERYONE you can think of! Send letters of disgust to the hospital administrator and demand they train their people how to deal with us in a respectful and compassionate manner!

Andie Gibbs-Henson

note: if anyone wants to send a note to me about this i’ll forward it to them on the maize list serv-val (send it to



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3 responses to “From Maize Magazine/Land Dykes list serv today…

  1. Jefferson Regional Medical Ctr
    (870) 541-7100 | 1600 W 40th Pine Bluff, AR 71603

  2. put any correspondence to the hospital attention:
    Bob Atkinson
    President & CEO

  3. more email from the list serv on this…

    If anyone needs the information, here is the contact for Lambda Legal Defense Fund Help Desk for the Midwest (MIssouri) I’ve sent this information to Andie Gibb, too, but who knows how much she will be online. If anyone has time to phone Lambda, relate the situation, and find out anything you can, send it on the Andie at the address below, that would be so great. I don’t have a spare minute this week. SW

    (Central Time)
    The Midwest Regional Office accepts Help Desk calls at any time during business hours (M-F 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.). Call 312-663-4413, ask for the Help Desk, and a Help Desk staff person will assist you. If Help Desk staff is busy helping other callers, your call will automatically be routed to the Legal Help Desk voicemail. You are welcome to leave the following information: name, state, contact info, best time to reach you, and a brief message outlining your legal inquiry. A Help Desk staff person will return your call within 24 hours.

    On Oct 28, 2007, at 3:21 AM, Holley Humphrey wrote:

    This is the help desk for Lambda Legal. personally I would think they would be very interested…

    Holley has sent you an article from

    Page title: Flanigan v. University of Maryland Hospital System

    Link to full page:

    Summary: Case challenging a hospital’s decision

    to keep a gay man from visiting his dying partner

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