My favorite internet diversion

When I just want to chill while I surf the internet I like to check in on this website…1,000 days at sea. Reid and Soanya are 2 people from New York that set sail several months ago on their schooner “Anne” to sail around the world for 1,000 days without stopping or re-supplying. Their lives are simplified compared to the day to day insanity of the modern world. In a way it’s like they just removed themselves from it and float in some “other world” away from kaos and war and politics and stress. I like to sail…I grew up around it on Cape Cod and I love the ocean…I scuba dive and vacation on islands when we can. Here’s a link to Reid & Soanya and their journey. Hope you enjoy it too. I’ve thought about meeting them in a few years when they return. It would be kind of cool to stand on the bank as they sail back in to our world. They might want to load up on supplies and turn right around by then. Pretty crazy back here…
1000 days at sea

Soanya’s View: (Her recent post)

Full moon nights on the ocean are magnificent. The sky is suffused with a soft luminosity as if dawn were arriving at any moment. The clouds take on a crystalline appearance if they are high or a soft billowy gray look if they are low. The stars dim their lights to allow the moon its share of celestial glory. The schooner sails on the moonlit sea, a tiny vessel in a timeless space. The water glitters and melds into itself, liquid light into liquid night. The waves are mesmerizing because they are no longer the familiar rise and fall of water. They become shifting shapes of light that roll as a group and then disperse. With my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the schooner, the brightness of the moon hurts. Still, I gaze in awe and inhale the wind and the magic of the night.
moon from schooner anneThe moon from the deck of the schooner Anne on day 186


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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


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