Ron Paul and his views on Gay Marriage

I had a discussion with a very liberal person I know and he said there was no way he could vote for Hilary and his guy was Ron Paul because of his views on the war. Republican rule for 25 years has finally come to a tipping point where democrats have a chance of taking back the White House and Congress. Yes, Democrats hold a majority currently in the house but not enough to overturn a presidential veto and really stop Bush. (60 votes required in the senate and 47 needed in the house)

NOW WE HAVE A CHANCE IN ’08 to stop the neo-cons. Are we going to blow it because we aren’t doing our homework? You know what? As a lesbian there’s nothing more I’d like to see than a woman finally in the White House. Because of her corporate ties alone, (drug companies & campaign money, former boardmember of Walmart) Hilary would not be my first choice but IF she wins the Democratic Nomination…she has my support 100%. The Supreme Court can not stand another Republican Administration filling more seats with neo-conservatives who will be deciding things for the next 20-30 years.

Please…PLEASE…we have a two party system. Support the third party candidates at the local level if you like and look outside the 2 main candidates running in the presidential race to talk about all the issues. For some of them that’s the only reason they are running…to bring those issues up…But please…when you step inside the voting booth next fall. If you don’t vote for the person on the Democratic ticket you WILL be helping the Republican candidate to win.

To my liberal friend supporting Ron Paul…besides being David Duke’s favorite candidate too because of the racist remarks he wrote in his newsletter in the 90’s…here’s a small sample of his writings on Gays. Just because he wants us out of Iraq doesn’t mean you want him leading this country…or do you? -val
An example of Ron Paul’s views…
If I were in Congress in 1996, I would have voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, which used Congress’s constitutional authority to define what official state documents other states have to recognize under the Full Faith and Credit Clause, to ensure that no state would be forced to recognize a “same sex” marriage license issued in another state. This Congress, I was an original cosponsor of the Marriage Protection Act, HR 3313, that removes challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act from federal courts’ jurisdiction. If I were a member of the Texas legislature, I would do all I could to oppose any attempt by rogue judges to impose a new definition of marriage on the people of my state.



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4 responses to “Ron Paul and his views on Gay Marriage

  1. Ellen Goodman reporting from the religious right summit in Washington DC a few weeks ago…
    At the summit, OB-GYN and congressman Ron Paul put forth his most strident anti-abortion views. But on questions about overreaching government from torture to surveillance, this maverick reads like a chapter from progressive Naomi Wolf’s dire book, “The End of America.” The right’s American Freedom Agenda and the left’s American Freedom Campaign sound as similar as their names in alarm over assaults on the Constitution.

  2. rckevlin

    I’m afraid the Dems aren’t going to promote a candidate with even a small chance of winning. Is the US at a point in its history when it will vote for a WOMAN or a BLACK MAN as president? I don’t think so.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m backing whoever the Dems put forward. I hope that enough people have had it up to HERE with the Republicans that they will also vote for the Democratic ticket… I just don’t think we have a chance of electing a Black or female president. Maybe in 2016.

  3. We can’t take another 4 or 8 years of neo-cons so we better nominate someone we know can win. The press has decided Hillary is the one but what about the rest of us? The air time given to anyone except who the press deems the “front runners” is minimal. Media Matters reports that of the 30 questions in the last debate that Tim Russert asked 14 were at or about Hillary. A democracy can not function without a free press and the one we have right now is not free, open, fair or balanced. 118 members of corporate boards also control all of the US media. 118 very rich guys. that’s it. not good odds for us i’d say…It’s America…for the corporations…by the corporations…and of the corporations.

  4. ttt

    Good article. I think the 2012 election is going to make or break us. Personally I’m a fan of Ron Paul and I think his policies would take care of this right here. I’ve done quite a bit of thinking about it and even some blogging here

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