Randi mugged?

any one reading my blog for long knows who my favorite radio goddess is. i’ve been a listener of her’s for a long time. I just went to her site and found out what happened to her. I’m stunned by this. We love you Randi. Get well.


update: Randi is on the air right now but my crappy satellite connection is acting up and i only heard bits and pieces. From what I gather she was hurt really badly, teeth are knocked out and she was severly traumatized but “will recover.” She’s pissed at press and the fact that no one even asked if she was alright. She’s shocked that stories are going around that crazed right wingers are behind it. There was a story on my blog about the incident I had put up last night. At the time it was all I could find on the web anywhere. I took it down because after listening to her it may be bunk. I don’t want to help spread gossip. When I download her show tonight and try to find out what happened from her. I don’t think she knows who did it.

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  1. Update…
    Randi’s version is that she watched the football game sunday in a NY irish pub and stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. The next thing she remembers is waking up with her face smashed in. She had 4 or more broken teeth and her eye was injured. “My face broke the fall on concrete and an iron grate.” She doesn’t know if she fainted or was hit from behind. So that’s it. Take care Randi. We love you and wish you a speedy and as painless as possible recovery. She came back to work yesterday and sounded great on the air. Shaken but not out for the count. Thata girl! Now get back in the ring and break “their faces” (better yet their proverbial asses) with your words.

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