Women’s Week P-Town

Show Notes: Emily and I went to Boston and spent 2 nights on Cape Cod for Provincetown’s annual women’s week. We had a great time and thanks to all the great women that gave of their time so I could bring you this show.

I interviewed Susan Souza, President of KISS: Kickass Independent Songwriter Showcase. She produced several shows throughout the week bringing in some hot songwriters for Women’s Week.

We met Singer/songwriter Holly Light at one of the KISS shows and she blew me away with her music. Blues and lots of gutsy soul she reminds me of Bonnie Raitt and Melissa. She’s got her own unique style and it ROCKS! She sat down with me after her show to talk politics, living in California, music and the independent music scene.

Alix Olson called our daughter Jen on the cell phone (her biggest fan) before sharing her thoughts with Emily and I about her experiences on the road as an activist slam poet and feminist. Jen had flipped when she heard we were interviewing Alix.

Here’s a tiny sample…An example of the kind of press Alix is getting…
“Onstage, Alix Olson works the mike like a weapon, launching scathing epithets against injustice, ignorance, and intolerance…Her voice rises fast and furious and then falls to a whisper, keeping the audience engaged even with silence. Sprinkled with emphatic obscenities, her poetry inspires audiences and challenges them to think, leaving many dizzy and breathless.”
Minnesota Women’s Press

Virginia based singer/songwriter Julie Clark and I talked about her songwriting, growing up and recovering from food addiction and surviving an older brother. I shared my experiences growing up with one of my own. I so loved her set and she was so sweet. I tried putting the Nashville bug in her ear so you guys here can see her live. We’ll see if it works…

L.A. Comic Jennie McNulty took time out with me to share her recent experience entertaining the troops in Iraq and filming for an upcoming comedy show episode on LOGO. Before the interview Emily and I saw her show and laughed so hard my sides were hurting. Very funny stuff!

All in all Women’s Week is a blast and next time I hope we get to stay the whole time. We stayed at The Bayberry Inn and loved it. Fireplace in the room, our own bathroom, antiques through, walking distance to Commercial Street and one of the owners (2 lesbians run it) is a baker. Each morning she made something very VERY tasty. We brought 2 friend very dear friends with us and we all had a great time. In Ptown we ran into a fellow nashvillian, Paula, and had dinner together too. Now we’re back home on the farm and back to chores. Sweet memories and my head is full of new music.

Music on the podcast:
Red, White and Blues
Holly Light

Julie Clark

Show Links:

Alix Olson
Left Lane DVD
“Word Warriors: 35 Women Leaders in the Spoken Word Revolution”

Women’s KISS (Women’s Kickass Independent Songwriters Showcase)

Jennie McNulty

The Bayberry Inn

Provincetown’s Women’s Week

Peace and Love,

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Photos from P-Town and Boston Trip



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3 responses to “Tune in to AVALON FARMCAST!

  1. An email from Theron-that’s so sweet!-Val

    just before bed last nite-so thought about it going to sleep. You write so well! In your spare time why don’t you do a column for a magazine or the Sunday New York Times??? Your short time with all the women, all the music sounded wonderfull–and you sure conveyed what a good time you and Emily had. Something you said almost i passing was fine too–you called Jenn “our” daughter. I like that for the three of you. Come spring maybe I can meet her. Love, Theron

  2. As that not so in my opinion.. In general, on the fan…

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