Record size shark

huge shark
Record 844 lb Mako Shark caught off Destin Florida

OK so here’s why this story interests me…
Emily & I are both certified divers but when we met neither of us had been in 4 or more years. (to stay current you really should go atleast every 2.) So, we decided before diving together we’d go get “re-certified” to refresh ourselves. Changes in equipment, safety things you forget after awhile…Anyway, we had classroom, a pool and an open water test. Since Nashville is nowhere near an ocean…we drove 8 hours to the gulf to do the open water test. I’m used to the clear waters in the bahamas where it’s crystal clear. You can see 100+ feet and it’s like diving in an aquaririum. We didn’t go there for the test however…we went to Destin.
I remember we dove on a wreck in very poor visability and I was creeped out the whole time because you couldn’t see 5′ in front of you. I held on to Emily the whole time and the worst part was we went deep enough that we had to decompress a little. We went back up the anchor line and hung out at different depths for several minutes before coming back up.This is what I thought about in the murky water..several times while hanging out decompressing I felt fish swim by that I couldn’t see. BTW, this shark was caught in Destin…WE got recertified…in DESTIN! That means we may have been both IN Destin at the same time…yikes!


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