Cheers Heros! Take That Ya Scum Buckets!

Published: Today

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AN armed gang raided a pub and were battered by regulars throwing ashtrays, glasses and bottles of bubbly.
Thirty drinkers waded in after five masked thugs tried to rob them at gunpoint and demanded cash from the tills.

And they kept up the onslaught until the would-be robbers fled – even though one of them fired a gun.

Landlord Dave Thompson, 49, said: “They’re all heroes and deserve an award.”

The gang burst into his boozer, the Beaufoy Bar in Battersea, South West London, expecting to grab cash and valuables.

But as they walked to the bar shouting the odds one drinker picked up a chair and smashed one over the head.

Others then joined in, battering the raiders with anything that came to hand.

One drinker, who did not want to be named, said yesterday: “They got what was coming to them.

People were picking up ashtrays, pint glasses, chairs and even champagne bottles and just throwing them straight at these idiots.”

Another regular said: “They went for the tills and they were hoping to get our wallets, watches and mobiles. They could have got away with tens of thousands of pounds worth of gear if we hadn’t stopped them.”

Dave added: “The gang tried to intimidate us, but the regulars said this was their place and they just weren’t having it.

“They’d come in the front door and left out of it as well – pretty quickly.

“Some people chased them down the road but I called them back because we knew by then that the police were on their way.”

The October 6 incident was captured on the bar’s CCTV. No one has yet been arrested. Investigating officer DS Gary Fryer said: “It’s a very unusual incident, and very serious.”


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  1. well done public keep it up if more of the public stuck together in crowds there wouldnt be so much of it.

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