Join me Sunday downtown on Church Street

Next door to Outloud Books & Cafe in the space that was the vote no on 1 campaign headquarters meet me this Sunday as members of Nashville’s GLBT community work on transforming it into HELPOUT! a center for the community. Join Jim Hawk, myself and others and pitch in! I’ll be podcasting and shooting video for an upcoming promo. See you there!

And Avalon Farms…

Sunday, Sept. 29 (12 noon until 4 p.m.)

Valerie Reynolds of Avalon Farms will be stopping by to do some taping for her podcast and our upcoming fundraising promo. We would love for you to be part of the taping. Some of you may even be interviewed (if you like).

There is still part of one wall to finish, some furying, and definitely some paint to scrape off the ceiling.

If your organization came to help, you may want to forward this to everyone who attended the work day. We were unable to collect everyone’s email address.

In addition to carpenters and their assistants, we REALLY NEED SOME HELP scraping the loose paint off the ceiling. If you have any free evenings or Saturdays over the next two weeks, please let feel free to contact me and I’ll make arrangements to let you in to scrape paint. Teams of 2 or more would be great!


PS…The Benefit Concert was great! We received over $400 during the evening.

Other Notes:



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