Homeland Security Presidential Directive Number 12

I found this article here:http://www.politicalcortex.com/story/2007/9/26/174624/438

The truth is that this directive is not, in itself, that bad. Its intention is to, WITHIN THE LIMITS OF THE CONSTITUTION AND EXISTING LAW, create a consistent policy within the Federal government for ID badges to get into Federal facilities. But the implementation of it is a nightmare largely because Federal employees are being asked to sign a blanket waiver that gives the government permission to investigate a person by any means they want, including talking with neighbors, doing credit checks, looking at medical records, etc. Part of the process, based on the analysis my wife and I have done (and few others seem aware of this) could be interpreted as barring homosexuals from government employment. Scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion lab are among the first to speak out against this. Some are resigning in protest and others filing a lawsuit.

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