Randi #1 Liberal Talk Show Host 2 years in a row

I’m a HUGE fan and so happy for her…

From Talking Radio…

The top four syndicated hosts, jockeyed for position in the Talking Radio Ranking of Liberal Talk Show Hosts and as they crossed the finish line it was once again a close race with less than two points separating the winner from the fourth place finisher.

Thom Hartmann and Ed Schultz maintained their advantage in total number of affiliates, Stephanie Miller secured her post position with the best time slots, but in the end it was the veteran Randi Rhodes, who held on to first place with a strong showing in the Spring survey.

For the second time this year, the “goddess” has secured the number one slot in the TR Ranking, beating out a surging Miller (who was fourth in the last survey), by a neck at the finish line. Schultz dropped to third position and Hartmann to fourth.

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One response to “Randi #1 Liberal Talk Show Host 2 years in a row

  1. foxycontin

    love the Randi!

    Steph, one funny chick!

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