Thinking about 9/11

I can’t sleep tonight very well and so I’m up blogging and thinking about tomorrow. September 11th, 2007
Two things run through my mind…Why hasn’t Bush caught Bin Laden? And When are we going to impeach this guy?

Expect to see lots of mixing of 9/11 & iraq pictures on tv today. Hopefully by now you understand the Truth that the two are completely unrelated. The powers that be are working very hard so you think otherwise. They’d like you to forget the fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers that day were from another country that rhymes with oh I dunno…baudy pasaypia…or how about this…shoddy uhraykia…how about …fuh-owe-bee ah-tay-tia…anyway…it wasn’t anybody from Iraq that flew those planes for hours in our skies before slamming them into those buildings and one into that field in Pennsylvania that morning. Not one.

No Iraq just has oil. And so we’re there. And so now more Americans have died there than on 9/11 and now according to a British medical journal that counts things like dead people, over a million Iraqis have died also.

I was on the phone talking to my brother in New England on that September morning. He told me to turn on the tv and as I did the second plane hit the world trade center. We watched it together in silence together on a phone line a thousand miles apart from each other. I watched stunned as news anchors appeared shaken on air and the streets of New York were engulfed in gray clouds of debris. I watched in disbelief as the American President sat reading My Pet Goat to kids in a classroom even after he learned of the second plane. He went in to do the photo op knowing the first plane had hit the World Trade Center.

There was also a defense practice drill that day…there were people who didn’t know if what they were hearing about the attacks were real or part of the drill. How weird is that? Who scheduled a drill on the very day an actual one occurs? What are the probabilities for that?

Oh and here’s another weird “coincidence” for you…Bush’s Daddy…”BUSH ONE”…as he’s referred to I guess, was having breakfast that morning with Osama Bin Laden’s BROTHER!!! I’m not making this stuff up. It’s absolutely true. He was having a breakfast meeting with the Carlyle Group which, by the way, has made a tidy profit off this Iraq thing as one of many defense contractors over there.

I have another question about that day. Where was Norad and who told them to stand down? So many things come to mind that just don’t make sense. Remember the golfer that died in his private plane? Norad scrambled and saw that the people in that plane flying around on autopilot looked dead. They said the cabin de-pressurized I think. So Norad fighter jets followed it around in the sky until it ran out of fuel and crashed. But on 9/11 four passenger jets full of people take off, make turns, fail to follow flight plans, and not one time during the whole thing are they met with Norad fighter planes. Nada…zip…

There are so many questions about that day and so many things that have happened to this country since that day. So many lies and so much propaganda. The simplest truth that I know is that in the chaos and confusion they can steal. Follow the money…the answers will be found there.
Peace & Love & Answers


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