The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein

Below is an excerpt from an article called The Shock Doctrine written By Naomi Klein in The Guardian UK. I found it posted at truth out
It’s very enlightening and explains the Milton Friedman style of reshaping economies, societies while they are still reeling from natural disaster. MANY right wingers are students of Friedman and implementing his ideas whereever they can. The mass confusion within and around any natural disaster is one of their favorite places to mold their kind of change. They sweep in so to speak anytime one occurs anywhere across the globe. 9/11 spawned “the war on terror,” Katrina spawned several things, one being the complete privatization of the public school system. The Tsunami disaster spawn land grabs that led to huge resorts replacing the original fishing villages.

There is “a method to their madness” and it pays to understand what they are up to because in chaos they can steal and by keeping the masses (us) in turmoil they can play bait and switch games and continue to reshape our world into one that has no middle class, super rich in control, poor “workers for their factories” and an environment destroyed that will eventually kill us all. That is where all this headed and with a public unaware they just may succeed. So wake up and wake up those around you. Read more. I can’t stress how important this part is because you won’t find the truth on your TV. Corporations already have a tight control over the mass media. They are selectively feeding you what they want you to know. If you don’t believe that read the study by media matters on right wing talk radio. Small example but you get my point.
Here’s a little bit of Naomi’s article…I have a link here if you want to read the whole thing.She also has a book explaining it in much greater detail that has just come out.-val

“…The bottom line is that, for economic shock therapy to be applied without restraint, some sort of additional collective trauma has always been required. Friedman’s economic model is capable of being partially imposed under democracy – the US under Reagan being the best example – but for the vision to be implemented in its complete form, authoritarian or quasi-authoritarian conditions are required.

Until recently, these conditions did not exist in the US. What happened on September 11 2001 is that an ideology hatched in American universities and fortified in Washington institutions finally had its chance to come home. The Bush administration, packed with Friedman’s disciples, including his close friend Donald Rumsfeld, seized upon the fear generated to launch the “war on terror” and to ensure that it is an almost completely for-profit venture, a booming new industry that has breathed new life into the faltering US economy. Best understood as a “disaster capitalism complex”, it is a global war fought on every level by private companies whose involvement is paid for with public money, with the unending mandate of protecting the US homeland in perpetuity while eliminating all “evil” abroad.” -Naomi Klein/The Shock Doctrine


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