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I have decided to start documenting my research & experiences as I learn how to put my (our) money where my mouth is and buy “green.” I want to stop using stores that employ “slave labor” in foreign countries in sweatshops so they can advertise “Low, Low Prices.” I want to stop shopping with companies that control our media by pulling their ads when another point of view other than the conservative one is aired. I want to support local producers that spend their profits back into our local economy. I want to lower the carbon in our atmosphere by buying my tomatoes from Jolton instead of Chili. I want to buy products without excessive packaging that doesn’t degrade but just fills up our landfills.

Emily jokes that I’m a really good spender but this time I really want to prove her right. Long before Reagan but especially since his presidency, we have somehow come to believe as a country that the most important thing is the economy. There was a time when we as a people believed the most important thing was community. “We The People.” As a lesbian I’ve been told that GLBT people are destroying the family. I know what is destroying the family, the community, our environment and our standing in the world and it ain’t gay people…it’s unregulated capitalism…a corporatocracy.

The Walmarts, Halliburtons, Exxons and Clear Media’s of the current U.S. business scene have taken over our law makers and changed the rules to be in their own best interest. In the process they have put in jeopardy our very way of life…our democracy and our living planet. Buy handing over what little is left…our wages…to them is not just stupid it is suicidal. We must learn to change.

Our leaders get their support from the corporations and are beholden to them. They’re supposed to represent us. Our planet is being destroyed by an unaware public, corporate greed and an infantile attitude that says to hell with it if it doesn’t effect me. It will all effect everybody eventually. The super rich carry on and fail to visualize the world they too will be forced to try to survive in.

I’m pretty ignorant about where to begin this journey but as I find things out and examine business practices in this great land of ours I hope what I uncover will enlighten and inspire you to make conscious choices about where and how you spend your hard earned money. Just because you don’t see or know that worker thousands of miles away trying to decide whether to buy food OR water today because they can’t afford both doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Believe me they already know who we are. We are the Americans. We are the ones who used to practice something they wanted. We are the ones who used to stop the sadistic dictators around the world. There are generations of people in other places that grew up and dreamed of coming to America because we had something they wanted. There is a generation now growing up wanting to become terrorists to kill Americans because we have something they can’t have and we have it because they are dieing so it can be produced.

This is an open blog & forum. Please add your comments, experiences and knowledge. Together we can change the world. Our kids are counting on us. (Yes I’m a Lesbain Mom too)


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4 responses to “Welcome to a new forum!

  1. Susan Wiseheart

    I made a pledge to a bunch of landdykes five years ago at Spiral that I would no longer shop at Walmart and, despite living close to World Headquarters and it being in most every town around, I have managed Just Fine!! I applaud your efforts and look forward to reading more.

  2. Hi Susan,
    Good for you! It does take some thought…i’m in a very rural area here and Walmart is the only big store around. I’m going to the internet for some staples via co-op america’s list of green companies.
    Our friend Tana is an organic farmer and I just told her partner Maryanne to put me on the list. Not sure where to go for things like bleach, laundry soup etc. do you?

  3. Eskimosik


    What do you think about this? When it happens?

  4. Eskimosik


    What do you think about this? When it happens?

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