Possibly the worst drought ever…

Those of us with city water need to be VERYVERYVERY thankful.  Out at Avalon, the well for the rental house dried up two weeks ago.  The stream that supplied the horse troughs is dry as dust, as well. 

Fields, yards, trees… all so dry and brittle — there’s a serious fire hazard everywhere.  There will be thousands of starving wild animals this winter, because the trees are so stressed they aren’t producing fruit or nuts.  The animals will be so hungry they’ll eat the bark, which will kill the trees.  That means fewer trees next year to produce fruit or nuts.  It’s a vicious cycle.

 Val has been faithfully driving the tractor up and down the hill, filling the huge water barrel, emptying it into the troughs.  It’s so hot that the water evaporates quickly, and the horses drink more to make up for the lack of moisture in the grass. 

If anybody has pull with the Rain Gods, please exert your influence.  Every bit helps.


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