Lowes pull ad from FOX

After I recieved an email about a protest aimed at FOX advertisers I sent the following email to LOWES…

I am deeply troubled by the state of our news media in this time that we are in. Fox is a part of the right wing spin machine that passes it’s self off as real news when it isn’t. It’s opinion. You may choose where to place your ad dollars but I have a choice too and I intend to look for companies that advertise on outlets other than Fox.

valerie reynolds

I just recieved an email from LOWES that says Bill O’Reilly’s Show does not meet their guidelines and after review they are pulling their ad from that show.

O’Reilly is also under heat and investigation by the secret service because someone posted on his website and was threatening Sen. Clinton. This has not been a good week for Bill. He once said of Daily KOS, a liberal blog that if it is on their website then they should be liable for it. well, i guess that’s coming back to bite him on the butt.


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