The Hay is in the Barn!

The rain held off long enough to get the hay in the barn. Storms threatened everyday but since we cut it sat to this morning moving it in the barn, none has fallen. Losing a batch this year would be a big deal because we’re in a drought and it will be scarce this winter. (and expensive if you can find it) but here it is!
hay in barn
here’s the baler we use. it’s a john deere with electric tie which is really cool because you just flip a switch and it ties the bale.
hay winrow
after I cut the grass i rake it into ‘winrows” to prepare for the baling machine. I drive down the rows swirving back and fourth so the bale gets picked evenly. The hay is mixed grasses of fescue, johnson grass and some timothy & orchard that we planted later.
field & roundbale
here’s a bale waiting to be picked up. I have 2 spears (front & back) for the tractor so we can haul two at a time.

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One response to “The Hay is in the Barn!

  1. rckevlin

    Avalon is getting more efficient every year! I remember hauling square bales onto the trailer a few years ago, and now it’s those huge round bales.

    There’s that new thingee that fluffs the hay to help dry it, and there’s the additional spear so Val can carry two bales at once… Lesbians have got their “hay” in a pile now!

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