Michael Vick and dog fighting

Please take a moment to sign a petition to Nike, asking them to drop their sponsorship of Michael Vick, who was indicted last week on dog fighting charges.  Witnesses say that Vick and his friends not only fought pit bulls, but they also killed the “losers” in horrible ways.  

There is a link here to a short petition asking Nike to drop Michael Vick.  They produce a T-shirt that calls him a “hero for children”, and they produce and sell his line of shoes.  In their favor, they DID just decide not to produce a new line, but they still make money off the old ones. 

www.hsus.org  (click on the Vick link)

Please ask Nike to cut their ties to Michael Vick.  The publicity from the trial will help bring attention to pit fighting, which can only be a good thing, but if Vick loses his endorsements, it will have a bigger impact on the teens who buy his products.


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One response to “Michael Vick and dog fighting

  1. rckevlin

    Nike did suspend his contract, BTW. The Humane Society is taking credit for it, and asking for money to “house the dogs”. Since the HS has no shelters, they are obviously not housing any dogs… but they sure will lead John Q Public to believe they do, just to make themselves look better.

    Whoever did it, Vick is losing his money, slowly but surely. Now if they’d just send his sorry ass to jail, that’d be great.

    Oh, and the dogs will surely be euthanized, since they are “fighting dogs” and would surely rip someone’s throat out at the dog park one day. More BS and bad press for pit bulls….

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