TEP needs your help to reach across Tennessee

If you’ve ever said to yourself “I’d like to get involved, but I don’t know how” or “I wish more were going on where I live,” then I have a proposal for you. Help us start a TEP committee in your county.

What do TEP County committees do?

Recruit members who will be willing to contact their representatives in the General Assembly about bills of importance to the GLBT community
Monitor the media in your part of the State so that TEP can respond to articles that distort information about our community
Advise TEP PAC on local elections
We recently launched the TEP Shelby County Committee for our supporters in the Memphis area. It has taken off beyond our wildest dreams thanks to the work of co-chairs Tommy Simmons and Jonathan Cole.

If you would like to help us start a TEP Committee in your county, send an email to chris@tnequalityproject.com with your contact information and the name of your county. Your efforts can increase the volume of TEP’s voice throughout the State.


Chris Sanders
Chair and President


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