Code Pink Action Alert

July 10, 2007

Dear valerie,

We have been speaking out against the war in Iraq since before it even began. We are no longer a voice in the wilderness–more and more people are raising their voices against the war, including top Republicans such as Senators Pete Domenici of New Mexico, Richard Lugar of Indiana and George Voinovich of Ohio, who have publicly stated they can no longer support Bush’s strategy in Iraq. The anti-war movement is gaining strength and footing every day. We need to use this traction to work even harder now for peace.

The New York Times recently published a stunning editorial, The Road Home, which outlines a clear, open-eyed strategy for getting us out of Iraq. It ends with these words:

“This country faces a choice. We can go on allowing Mr. Bush to drag out this war without end or purpose. Or we can insist that American troops are withdrawn as quickly and safely as we can manage — with as much effort as possible to stop the chaos from spreading.”

We must insist upon a withdrawal with all our breath, all our heart. Send The Road Home to your Senators and ask them to heed its advice. If the New York Times can come up with a solid exit strategy, why can’t our lawmakers? Click here to email the article now. Better yet, fax it by downloading our fax cover sheet here.

The timing is especially right since our Senators will be voting on the defense authorization bill possibly as early as this week. We need to remind them the chorus for withdrawal is getting louder by the minute. The war in Iraq is currently costing $10 billion dollars a week — money that could be used for healthcare, for education, for real security. The cost is too great — to our troops and our country. If we keep raising our voices, our leaders will be bound to hear, and bound to change.

Thank you for being an important part of our collective voice.

With peace and momentum,
Dana, Desiree, Ena, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Jodie, Karin, Leslie, Medea, Nancy, Patricia, Rae, Rocio, Samantha, and Vanessa

P.S. The movement to impeach Vice President Cheney is growing. If you haven’t signed our petition yet, please do so now, and send the link to your friends and family. Together, we can get this criminal out of office!


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