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So far during this campaign I’ve shopped at Publix, Cosco & a little store near the farm that I can not remember the name of. It’s like a Comptons or H.T. Hill store. I discovered a great meat department there with a real honest to god butcher in the back. I haven’t seen that since I was a kid. I have been a regular customer of Kroger’s for 17 years. I do not plan to go back until I can pick up an issue of my local gay paper in their racks. To everyone who worked on this campaign…thankyou. -Val

From TEP….

The numbers are in and you came through in a big way to show your support for Out & About Newspaper and demonstrate the GLBT community’s economic impact.

During the week of the campaign, you saved over 255 receipts totaling $15,132.29, which projected over a year comes to $786,879.08. That is an incredible response.

We know the impact is far greater because many of you simply stopped shopping at Kroger and Harris Teeter without sending us your receipts or you did not happen to be doing your grocery shopping that week. Some of you heard about the campaign after it ended and still decided to make different shopping choices. You also sent Kroger and Harris Teeter hundreds of unscripted emails telling corporate officials how passionately you felt about discrimination. In some cases, you drove well out of your way to do your shopping at Publix, Target, H.G. Hill, Turnip Truck, Food Lion, Wild Oats, and other locations.

If anyone in the business community has doubts about the economic muscle of our community, these figures should put them to rest.

What’s next? First, continue contacting Harris-Teeter and Kroger and discuss the campaign results. Let them know that in a competitive grocery market, they should want our business. Second, the Nashville GLBT Chamber and TEP along with our coalition partners will continue to work with national organizations to find a solution that we hope will restore Out & About Newspaper to the shelves of these two chains. So far, there has been no written response from Harris-Teeter. Please, continue to press them for answers.

Finally, we want to thank our coalition partners: Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition, Nashville Pride, PFLAG Nashville, and the Human Rights Campaign. We also want to say that we could not have had a successful campaign without the receipt drop-off points: OutLoud!, Tribe, First Unitarian Universalist Church, Lucky’s Garage, and Blue Gene’s. Our community showed the kind of unity that will move us forward.


John Wade
Chair and President
Nashville GLBT Chamber of Commerce

Chris Sanders
Chair and President
Tennessee Equality Project

TEP Thanks Our Corporate Circle Members


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