Journey’s “big day out”

Yesterday Journey and I ventured out of the arena in full harness.  She did great with the bridling process (we’ve been working on that), and she’s always been perfect with the saddling part.  I had ridden her outside the arena bareback quite a few times, and had ridden her in full harness inside the arena, but this was the first time  in months we had gone “out” with all the gear.  The last time I had ridden her outside the arena with saddle and bridle, she handily tossed me off.  We’ve done a little work since then.  🙂

We were both nervous, but she behaved beautifully, though we didn’t go very far.  We rode from the arena gate up to the road (where the direction sign is).  She obeyed my directional signals, and also had a pin-point “whoa”. 

I wanted to stop on a high note, so I dismounted, took the bridle off, and let her graze for a while with the saddle on.  When I took the saddle off, she had a very even sweat pattern, which I think means the saddle doesn’t pinch or ride up on her (good things).

She’s going to be a super trail horse in a few months, even though she’s only four.  We are learning a lot together, and she’s very cooperative, if I manage to make myself understood.  I’m really enjoying the training / learning process.  You may run into us in the woods later in the summer… and hopefully you’ll see us both at the same time.  LOL!


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