Colorado horses

Terry and I went to Colorado last week, and I have never seen such beautiful horses as the ones in pastures along the road we traveled.  The black horses were BLACK, not sunburned, which is odd, since Colorado Springs is 7,200 feet above sea level (300 feet higher than the highest part of Tennessee).  They’re closer to the sun, and people there are embarrassed if they get sunburned (yes, it’s true) because they know how easy it is to get sun cancer.

 I saw the most beautiful Palomino EVER — she was caramel-colored with a nearly white mane and tail, and so shiny you could have seen your reflection on her hide.  🙂

I’m going to attach a couple of pics.  Both of them were taken from far away, but I wanted to share the colors.  One is a red roan tobiano pinto;  the other is a blue roan appaloosa.  Of course they were much more colorful in person, but hey!  We did the best we could.

red-roan-tobiano.jpg   blue-roan-appaloosa.jpg

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